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Jadeite's Rising Popularity & Value

September 2, 2008

If you watched, even a few minutes, of the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, China you were exposed to the power of Jade. Every medal awarded was embedded with jade. "The launch of the jade-inlaid gold, silver and bronze medals for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has fueled collectors' interest in jade generally. Jewellers are quick to get the pulse of the market. Gold-jade combination jewellery now dominates. Dealers are eagerly contacting suppliers in the hope of getting a greater variety and quantity of this type of product to satisfy consumer demand. A leading jewellery market in Beijing lost no time in launching gold and jade Chinese zodiac animal pendants. Consumers find these Olympic medal-inspired round jade pieces very attractive." (from "Jadeite in The Slipstream of Gold-Jade Olympic Favourite - Hong Kong Trade Development Council)

Jade has always been a life force for the Chinese people and Chinese culture. This is evident now more than ever. As China becomes more capitalistic, many Chinese are experiencing personal economic growth. What are the first purchases made with this new found wealth? Jade - Jadeite Jade. On mainland China the value of jadeite is increasing twenty to thirty percent annually.

As recently reported by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council there been a tremendous increase in jadeite jewelry stores. "Several years ago, jadeite was only sold in Beijing jewellery stores as side items and there were just a dozen or so companies specializing in it. The market has witnessed explosive growth within a few short years. Today, there are more than 1,000 jadeite dealers in the Chinese capital. Beijing's Colourful Yunnan jadeite and jewellery city targets show business personalities and successful people and mainly sells high-end jadeite and pearls. Its three-story store has a business floor area of 6,700 sqm. Nearly half the area of two floors is now devoted to selling jadeite to meet demand.In Shanghai, gold jewellery stores have also shifted their emphasis to jadeite. Most shops have registered turnover increases over last year... June and July are traditionally slow seasons for jewellery sales, but the market is looking good this year, with turnover doubling that of 2007."

Many experts are recommending the purchase of fine jadeite for investment. However, in most cases of an increasing products popularity there a sense of caution and discretion is advised. Retailers and vendors dealing in treated jade are on the rise as well. The risk for fraud and deceit remain a perpetual possibility. Mason-Kay remains the leading jadeite wholesaler in the U.S. dealing in only untreated, natural jadeite. Guaranteed.