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The Chinese Jade Dragon

March 7, 2009
The Chinese Dragon, also known as the Oriental Dragon, has long been considered the national symbol for Chinese DragonChina. The dragon symbolizes significant power and fortuitousness in Chinese artsCarved Green Jadeite Jade Dragon, culture and folklore. In Chinese history, the symbol of the dragon was associated with the Emperor of China. Under certain rulers, the common folk were not allowed to even associate themselves directly with the dragon emblem. Just like the dragon symbol, as well as many other important symbols, jade is an integral part of Chinese art, culture and everyday life. The green jade carving pictured here to the right is one classic depiction of this mystical symbol with its typical serpentine body flowing throughout the carving.

Green and Lavender jadeite jade dragon carvingsThe dragon is one of the most popular motifs in jade carvings. The spectacular pieces shown here to the left are green jade and lavender jade dragon carvings designed for use as letter opener handles. This is a perfect example of the mundane type of uses for jade and carved jade. Due to the durability of jadeite jade many everyday tools can be enhanced and ornamented with jadeite jade carvings.

Many people in China have recently chosen to use the symbol of the dragon as a sign of their Chinese ethnicity, just as the Mongolian people have chosen the wolf and the Tibetans have chosen the monkey. This is yet another explanation as to why the jade dragon has become even more popular design for jade carvings and jewelry.
Dragon & Phoenix Carved Jade
For China, an agriculturally based nation, the dragon has mostly symbolized the Yang principle (male). This Yang principle is also linked to the weather related
events giving rain and water.The female counterpart, the Ying Principle, is symbolized by the phoenix. Pictured here to the right is a beautiful representation of another popular jade carving design, the dragon and phoenix carved in a lovely butterscotch and lemon colored yellow jadeite jade.

In China today, it is taboo to disturb or desecrate the image of the dragon. To this day the symbol of the dragon remains a magical, mystical and revered symbol. Legend says those born in the year of the dragon ( 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000...) are full of vitality and enthusiasm. They tend to be quite intelligent, talented, and are often perfectionists.