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Mason-Kay Jade Featured In Jewellery News Asia Article

October 6, 2010
Fine Green Jadeite Jade StoneIn the July 2010 issue of Jewellery News Asia an article entitled Jadeite Gains Market Share supposes that the increase in jadeite jade jewelry sales and overall interest is greatly due to two major ingredients; the growing middle class in China and trendy designers new interest in this extraordinary gem. “The market’s appetite for Type ‘A’ jadeite, which is 100 percent Triple Ring Green Jadeite Jade Drop Earringsnatural and untreated, remains strong…The global economic downturn, has not barred consumers from purchasing jadeite.” A third element to the growing popularity of jade in the U.S. is the ever increasing influence of Eastern culture here in the West.

Fine Green Jadeite Jade Drop EarringsAccording to wikinvest.com “Estimates of the size and growth rate of China’s middle class vary. Roughly half of China's projected urban population will be middle class in 2025…The first industrial revolution created a 250% increase in per capita income over a 100 year period. The second industrial revolution triggered 350% per capita income growth over 60 years. By comparison, China is on track to create a 700% growth in per capita income in just 20 years.”

In China, the sales for traditional luxuries such as travel, fine dining, fashion, automobiles and fine jewelry are surpassing all expectations. Much of this middle class demographic are young urban professionals with disposable funds to invest and enjoy. We are all aware that much of the world’s designer counterfeits are produced in China. However, the Chinese are not fooled and pride themselves on knowing and possessing their most prized possessions only in the most genuine and authentic forms. Natural, untreated jadeite jade is one these most desired and revered luxuries. “Known as the ‘royal gemstone’, jadeite has been inextricably linked to Chinese culture, and Green Jadeite Jade Drop Earringshas been prized for centuries by emperors, noblemen, poets and China’s seriously rich” (Jewellery News Asia, July 2010). A deep-rooted adoration and dedication for jadeite jade has been instilled in the younger generations, inspiring designers to develop new more modern and stylish designs.

“Modern cuts and trendy designs have further enhanced this priceless treasure’s allure, reeling in a younger generation of consumers who also prize Black Jade Disc Drop Earringjadeite jewellery for its beauty and inherent value”(Jewellery News Asia, July 2010). Mason-Kay Jade is not only the U.S. leader in jadeite jade but has also made an exerted effort to be at the forefront of fine designer jade jewelry. Mason-Kay’s award winning design team has been acclaimed for its trendy, fashionable and unique jade designs. The article features several pieces designed by Kristina exclusively for Mason-Kay Jade. These earrings shown to the left were chosen as a best earring design finalist for the JCK Jewelers Choice Awards 2009. These earrings are part of the Azure jade collection. This successful collection features better green jadeite jade stones with diamonds and blue sapphire accents.

Black Jade Cocktail RingBetter black nephrite jade sales and interest have also been on the rise according to Mr. Jeff Mason, President of Mason-Kay Jade. “We have also begun to design our Midnight Collection of better black jade in white gold with diamonds and cabochon coloured gemstones. Two special pieces from this collection are shown here; a black jade oval cocktail ring with diamond and cabochon ruby side stones and black jade disc drop earrings with cabochon ruby tops. These and other black jade designs from the Midnight Jade Line received rave reviews from those who were able to see a sneak peak at the recent JCK show in Las Vegas. Mason-Kay is planning on the debut of this Midnight Jade Line  in the spring of 2011.
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