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Jewelry With No Gold - A Unique Fine Jewelry Trend

December 2, 2010
Black Jade Disc Pendantfine Green Jade 'pi' disc pendantReally? Fine jewelry with no gold that is still considered fine jewelry and at reasonable prices? Fine jewelry that is designed with no metal and no gold is a trend that is on fire. Whether you want to call it bohemian and relaxed or clean and refined, the fact is that fine jewelry designs with no gold have become a legitimate alternative to traditional fine jewelry. The designs can be laid-back and relaxed to elegant and sophisticated. It is all about your style and how you wear them and incorporate them into your own jewelry collection.

Jade is one of the most unique gemstones for several reasons. It is found in a very wide array of colors and it is extremely durable. Its durability and resilience Jade disc necklace no goldmake it an ideal candidate for  fine jewelry styles without gold. Jade is the most durable gemstone known to man. It can be carved into intricate carvings, but also intoContinuous Solid yellow jadeite jade bangle bracelet designs that work well on silk cords, leather cords, already owned chains or on their own. Shown above to the left is a black jade disc pendant in Chinese called a 'pi' (pronounced 'bee') and to the right a green jadeite jade pi. "The Pi was symbolic of power and authority - much of that power was thought to come through the essence of jade…as it is considered the stone of heaven".

The necklace pictured here to the left has received much attention for its unique and flattering design with no gold. The design includes 15 jadeite jade discs or pi's connected together with dark green silk cord with carnelian bead accents. The colors of the discs range from butterscotch yellow jadeite to light apple green to sunset red. Even the clasp is a green jade button with silk cord loop. The necklace is perfectly complimented by the continuous butterscotch yellow jadeite jade bangle shown to the right. Yet another example of fine jewelry without gold. Solid or continuous jade bangles have been popular for decades. And now with the increased popularity of bangles in general, especially large over-sized Black jade bvead strand necklacecontinuous or solid oval grey jadeite jade cuff banglebangles, our jade bangles are flying out the door. Seen here to the left is an oval grey jadeite jade continuous cuff bangle (also available in black jade). Wide cuff bangles are a very hot trend and to be able to find a solid gemstone cuff bangle is very unique and desirable. Another exciting trend is to mix different jewelry genres together. Bangles and beads lend themselves perfectly to this trend. Wearing a solid jade bangle or two with a few yellow or white gold bangles you may already own is a distinct and stylish look.

Of course, you would have had to been hiding under a rock not to notice the new necklace layering trend. I can not stress enough how well either jade beads or jade on silk cords work with this new style. The black jade bead necklace shown to the right is beautiful rich black jade with no clasp. The strand is long enough to fit over the head and therefore avoiding the extra cost of a gold clasp, and long enough to work Black jade medallion necklaceperfectly with any chains or other long necklaces you may have. We have found that especially a long black jade strand will revive and rejuvenate your jewelry box. You won't believe the pieces that you have forgotten that will look so exciting with your new black jade beads.
Solid continuous black jade saddle ring
The necklace shown here to the left is a carved black jade medallion pendant on a black silk cord adjustable necklace with green jade bead accents; a striking piece of fine jade jewelry without the fine jewelry price.

One of the most quintessential solid jade pieces is a continuous jade ring. Due to jade's durability one can wear a continuous jade band ring with fear of easily cracking it. Many couples like to wear matching jade wedding bands.carved black jade silk cord bracelet

You could never wear a solid onyx ring and expect it to last through any kind of real wear, but jade can take a beating.

continuous solid green jadeite jade band ringBeing the most durable gemstone has extraordinary benefits for those that appreciate and love it.