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NEWEST - Mason-Kay Colors Of Jade Chart

For millenia, the Orient has regarded jade as the most precious of all earthly objects. In the 18th century, with the new availability of jadeite, green became the most coveted color of all, and that is still the case. However, all the many colors of jade retain their own popularity. Lavender jade continues to be admired and adored. The value and desire for red jade, yellow jade, black jade, and especially ice jade continue to increase.

Mason-Kay consistently stocks an unparalleled selection of the finest in natural jadeite, both loose and mounted.

Below is an image of our newest Colors Of Jade Color Chart. We have enhanced the chart with not only images of all the colors of jadeite, but samples of translucency and texture. We now offer this beautiful and important chart with technical information on jadeite on the back. Please email us if you are interested in our new promo packet including this valuable jadeite chart.

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New & Improved Color Of Jade Chart by Mason-kay Jade

Colors of Jade Chart Technical Information



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