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Kuan Yin

Known as “she who hears prayers,” also as “great mercy, great pity…salvation from misery, salvation from woe,” Kwan Yin is the Goddess of the Southern Sea and the Goddess of Mercy. She is associated with powers to restore eyesight and heal the sick. She is worshipped as the personification of compassion, healer of pain and suffering, and the inspiration of pure love and serenity.

Images of her can be found in temples, homes, and shrines. The image of Kuan Yin is a reminder of one’s true nature which is where love and compassion dwell freely.

Although her father condemned her to death, her presence put out the fires of hell and she returned to the living. There are thousands of incarnations of this divinity always dressed in white flowing robes. She rules over the divine supremacy of the forces of nature.

Carved Ice Jadeite Jade Kwan Yin Black Jadeiet Jade Carved Kwan Yin Pendant
Carved Ice Jadeite Jade
Kwan Yin
Black Jadeite Jade
Carved Kwan Yin Pendant


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