Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 4 & 5

Fine & Better Lavender Jadeite Jade Jewelry

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Most of Mason-Kay's lavender jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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The rarest and most enigmatic of jadeite's colors, lavender, has reversed the usual path: it was first appreciated in the West and only became popular in East Asia in the 20th century. Lavender jadeite jade can range from pale bluish-purple to intense plum-purple to blue-grey.

Ones sense of sensuality is heightened when viewing our collection of lavender jadeite jade jewelry. The color lavender, or purple, is associated with royalty, sophistication, and spirituality. A favored color of creative personalities, wearing lavender jadeite jewelry can help evoke imagination, inspiration and peace of mind.

Mason-Kay's Wide Selection of Lavender Jadeite Jade Jewelry Includes:

  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Bracelets
  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Bangles
  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Earrings
  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Pendants
  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Necklaces
  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Rings
  • Lavender Jadeite Jade Pins/Brooches