Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 8 & 9

Black Jade and Grey Jadeite Jade Jewelry Page

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Most of Mason-Kay's jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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When the iron content of a jade rough is high, the resulting output is a very dark green, sometimes appearing as a pure, gleaming black. Most black jade set in jewelry is nephrite jade, although fine black jadeite jade exists. Grey jade, a relative newcomer to the jadeite jade color palette and quickly became a fashion favorite, easily accompanying all other colors.

Black is a classic color that is associated with the more serious and confident side of human nature. Black is the color of formal attire; when worn, one can feel the elegance and mystery that this color evokes.  The sophisticated array of black jade is the perfect addition to any ones jewelry collection.

The cool, conservative look of grey jadeite jewelry can be the perfect accent that tones down brighter colors in ones wardrobe. Grey is associated with wisdom, dependability, and practicality. A lovely aspect about grey is that it has a non-invasive, detached feeling about it; one is not overwhelmed by emotions being evoked. Grey jadeite jewelry is timeless and a practical addition for anyone.

Mason-Kay's Wide Selection of Black Jade jewelry and Grey Jadeite Jade Jewelry Includes:

  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Bracelets
  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Bangles
  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Earrings
  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Pendants
  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Necklaces
  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Rings
  • Black Jade & Grey Jadeite Pins/Brooches