Testing & Value Assessment Services & Fees

Mason-Kay has been engaged in the jadeite jade business since 1976. We offer full jadeite testing services, as well as value assessment services. In addition to the standard gemological tests (RI, SG, Optical spectroscopy) Mason-Kay is equipped with infrared spectroscopy to test for polymer impregnation ('B' jade).

Value Assessments can be for Retail Replacement Value (what one would have to pay to replace an item at retail) or Fair Market Value (what one would expect to receive for an item in today’s market). Value Assessments are only provided for natural jadeite jade.

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Fee Schedule:

Last Update: April 2017

We do accept all major credit cards and personal checks for payment.

Please note that Mason-Kay's fees are not based on weight or value. Two additional stones within the same piece are tested at no additional charge and referenced on the report.

Mason-Kay provides value assessment services for jadeite only. Mountings, diamonds or other side stones are neither evaluated nor tested. Items that are backed, encased or otherwise enclosed in metal may have to be removed for proper testing and value assessment. This is done only with customer's permission and at customer's risk and cost.

Standard turn-around time is 7-10 days (or less) from the time received to the time shipped.

Return postage and insurance is added to all service fees.

A $50 rush fee may apply to rush requests of 3 days or less.  

Mason-Kay Shipping Address:
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