Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 6 & 7

Red Jadeite Jade, Yellow Jadeite Jade, White Jadeite Jade and Ice Jadeite Jade Jewelry Page

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The colors of red and yellow jade are the result of oxidation as well as the presence of ‘chromophores’ or, color-inducing impurities. White jade is characterized by the lack of chromophores, and ‘ice jade’ (also known as ‘icy jade’ or ‘crystal jade’) is the result of perfectly fused jade crystals. 'Water Jade' refers to icy jadeite material with green hues giving it a watery appearance.

The deep, provocative hues of red jadeite jewelry will encourage action, confidence and enthusiasm.  The color red has more personal associations than any other color. The bold beauty of the red jadeite is for those passionate souls who live life to the fullest.

The brilliant shades of yellow jadeite will attract those possessing and those searching for joy, optimism, creative thought, and energy. Because the human eye is drawn to brighter yellows before any other color, the choice of yellow jadeite jewelry is for those who want to stand out.

The pure simplicity of white jadeite will attract those looking for a fresh uncomplicated appearance. White is the color of purity, cleanliness, and new beginnings; hence the color for brides. White jadeite jewelry is a fresh and clean look to compliment any attire.

Ice jadeite jade and water jadeite jade have become more popular in recent years as the desire for highly transluscent material has grown; making ice jade the third most popualr color of jadeite jade behind green and lavender.

Mason-Kay's Wide Selection of Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Jewelry Includes:

  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Bracelets
  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Bangles
  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Earrings
  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Pendants
  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Necklaces
  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Rings
  • Red, Yellow & Ice Jadeite Jade Pins/Brooches