Caring for Your Jade Jewelry

The care of jade is quite simple. The proper way to clean jade is to simply apply a mild, soapy water solution. A soft bristled toothbrush is best for cleaning the crevices within carvings and settings. Most common jewelry cleaners and techniques can cause problems due to the standard wax apllied to all jade after polishing.

Below is a list of “Don'ts” for Jade:

  • Never steam jade – Jewelers usually steam faceted stones after sizing and working on pieces. Please remind your jeweler of this frequent error.
  • Never use Ultra-Sonic jewelry equipment and cleaning solutions on jade.
  • It is best to remove your jade before swimming in a chlorine treated pool, the ocean, or soaking in a hot tub.
  • A warning for gardeners – please remove your jade rings before working with dirt and soil. The quartz dust in soil is a powerful abrasive.