Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 11

Collection of Mason-Kay Jadeite Jade Rings, Green Jade Rings, Lavender Jade Rings, Black Jade Rings, White Jade Rings, Red Jade Rings, Yellow Jade Rings and Multi-Color Jade Rings
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Most of Mason-Kay's jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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This page in the older catalog features many Mason-Kay jadeite jade rings including some traditional and classic styles. Some of these styles are Mason-Kay standards; classics that will always be in the Mason-Kay jade jewelry collection. For instance, the jade saddle ring. This style of ring is one of the most classic Asian rings styles. An oblong jade stone that sits across the finger, like a saddle. Often, the mounting is just a simple bezel, but sometimes the jade saddle stone is set with diamond side stones or a mounting with open scrollwork as shown on this page in a green jade ring and two red jade rings.

Multi-stone rings are a wonderful way to incorporate the use of several stones in one design. Many people love multi-stone rings with multi-color jade stones set in them. They love the versatility of being able to wear this type of multi-color jewelry with so many other pieces in their jewelry collections. There are seven rings shown on this page that show examples of some of these multi-color jadeite jade ring styles.

One of the most popular men's jade ring styles is the gypsy ring. The jade gypsy ring consists of an oval jade stone set in a simple bezel mounting. On this page, there are two classic jade gypsy rings; a larger one shown in white jade and a smaller version shown with a green jade stone.