Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 14

Collection of Mason-Kay Jadeite Jade Necklaces, Green Jade Necklaces, Lavender Jade Necklaces, Black Jade Necklaces, White Jade Necklaces, Red Jade Necklaces, Yellow Jade Necklaces and Multi-Color Jade Necklaces
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Most of Mason-Kay's jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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Jade necklace designs, as opposed to other forms of jewelry, can be made into many different styles. Jade carvings are very popular and are often worn as a pendant on a strand of jade beads. Jade bead necklaces are yet another style that have been worn by the Chinese for many years.

There is no more luxurious a feeling than a nice, weighty strand of jade beads. Unlike many gemstones, jade loves to be touched and the embrace only enhances the jade. A jade bead strand or two worn together and with other neclaces works very well with the newer layeing necklace trend. A strand of black beads, whether large or small, enhances any grouping of necklaces.

An entire strand is not always necessary to make a statement. A single, fabulous jade bead worn on a gold chain or silk cord makes for a delciate, yet colorful and distinct statement.

One of the most classic Mason-Kay jade bead necklace styles is that of multi-color jade. A typical multi-color jade bead strand consists of green jade beads, red jade beads, yellow jade beads, lavender jade beads, black jade beads and white jade beads. This color combination has been a Mason-Kay mainstay for decades.