Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 13

Collection of Mason-Kay Jadeite Bracelets and Jadeite Jade Bangles, Green Jade Bracelets, Lavender Jade Bracelets, Black Jade Bracelets, White Jade Bracelets, Red Jade Bracelets, Yellow Jade Bracelets, Multi-Color Jade Bracelets, Jade Two-Section Bangles
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Most of Mason-Kay's jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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Just as the jade 'pi' or disc is one of the most popular jade pendant styles, the solid jade bangle is one of the most popular and ancient jade jewelry designs. Many Chinese believe that not only does jade have healing qualities, but can protect from harm. Some have said that that their jade bangle may have cracked in a fall while wearing it, but they were not harmed and feel that jade bangle protected them. The circular design has a universal appeal reprenting eternity and oneness. Mason-Kay has a wide variety of jade bangle bracelets. Of course, the solid or continuous jade bangle must be just the right size to fit, so many prefer a hinged or two-section jade bangle.

Many other jade bracelet designs shown on this page have become Mason-Kay jade classics over the years. Link and sectional jade bracelets provide many jade color choices, and the multi-color jade bracelet has been one of the most popular. As with all multi-color jade jewelry, the multi-color jade bracelet is one of the perfect pieces of jewelry that can be easily incorporated into a jewelry collection.

Black jade and grey jade bangles and bracelets have increased in popularity of late. They are fashion forward colors that make a bold statement when worn alone or in conjunction with other bangles.