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Catalog: Jade Catalog Vol. VII

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Most of Mason-Kay's jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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Some of Mason-Kay's best selling jade jewelry pieces have been exclusively designed for Mason-Kay by Kristina. In one of her designer jade jewelry collections she has united the beauty of finer green jade stones with the elegance and vivid color of blue sapphires, as seen in many of the styles shown on this page.

The green jadeite jade drop earrings and green jade bracelet pictured on our model also encorporate the glow and luster of ice jade and the vibrant beauty of the blue cabochon sapphires. Both of these designer collection pieces are set in 18K white gold with diamond accents.

One item that has received a great deal of attention is pictured on the bottom left corner of the page. This lovely, sweet jade bracelet features better green jadeite jade heart shaped stones and better green jadeite jade oval stones set in a heavy 18K white gold bracelet mounting with diamonds and vivid blue cabochon sapphires.

The enchanting green jade drop earrings pictured at the top of the page next to our model are one of the most special drop earrings. These solid, fine green jadeite jade rings set with dangling diamonds in 18K white gold earrings sit perfectly on the ear and catch the light and your eye as they flow and sway.