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Catalog: Jade Catalog Vol. VII

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Most of Mason-Kay's jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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Some of the most popular of Mason-Kay's designer jade jewelry are from the ice jade and lavender jadeite jade collections. Several pieces from these collections are featured on this page.

Mason-Kay's designers have committed themselves to creating jade designs that are fashionable and trendy. Pictured on this page are some of the typical jadeite jewelry styles that are in line with Mason-Kay's fundamental tradition of the highest quality and unique designer jade styles.

A few ice jadeite jade styles featured include an exquisite ice jadeite jade carving on ice jade and green jade bead necklace. The ring right above this necklace glows with the luster and luminosity only fine ice jade can exude.

It is impossible to overlook the extrodinary one-piece yellow jade and green jade cuff bangle displayed with a beautiful yellow jade and green jade bead necklace, that so perfectly compliment each other.

Pictured right above the yellow jade and green jade ensemble is a popular and trendy style designed exlclusively for Mason-Kay by Kristina. This lovely 18K yellow gold spherical necklace is set with a fine green jade oval stone, diamonds and vivid cabochon rubies.

There are so many of the colors of jade represented on this page from green jade, lavender jade, yellow jade, ice jade, black jade and red jade. There are three beautiful pieces of better red jadeite jade jewelry on this page; a fun pair of red jade 'apple' drop earrings, a red jadeite jade carvings on a silk cord necklace and a fien red jade and diamond ring.