Fall 2019 New Jade Pendant & Necklace Designs

Nov 01, 2019

We are very pleased with our selection of natural jade pendants and jade necklaces for this fall/holiday season. From traditional and classic to modern and unusual, we definitely have something for everyone. We believe jade IS for everyone. We make a great effort to have a style and color for everyone in our natural jade jewelry collections. Viewing these eighteen original designs below will give you a great sense of our one-of-a-kind jade design style.

The first two necklaces are perfect examples of this original designing. They have classic elements with modern twists. The green jade triangles cut with rounded edges are a wonderful design feature. The triangle shape is more modern, but the rounded edge provides a softer feel. The satin finish on the yellow gold green jade necklace also adds a special, luxurious feel, while the high polish finish and marquise diamond center present a contemporary flair to this piece. 

The following four pendants feature satin finished gold for a lavish feel with dangling tassels. Nothing feels better than a tassel, especially with jade. It is actually beneficial for natural jade to be touched. Jade is considered a healing and soothing gemstone, so these designs are perfect for wearing and handling, plus who doesn't love a tassel!

The two red jade carvings are both beautiful and unusual. The rectangular red jade carving also has some vivid green veining making it a one-of-a-kind piece. And the red jade flower carving is delicate and beautiful with a diamond center - a perfect gift!

One of our most popular jade necklace designs are a single smooth or carved jade bead on a chain with bead accents. This necklace style is a wonderful statement piece worn on its own or perfect for layering, also a great gift option. 

Ice jade, or icy jade has become very popular in the last 10-20 years. The oval cabochon pendant shown below is icy jade with slight green streaks, an absolutely beautiful stone. Whereas the pendant next to it is a fun ice jade coin pendant with ice jade and green jade accents and satin finished gold.

Lavender jade, like green jade, will always be popular. Lavender is a universally loved color. We have an amazing selection of lavender jade pieces and the two shown below provide a great representation of some of our amazing lavender carvings. 

The last four necklaces represent the amazing carvings that can be created from jade. Due to its durable nature, talented carvers can create the most astounding designs; fun flip flops, Chinese coin necklace, carved green jade beads and double sided, open lacey lavender carving with jade bead tassel.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you are looking for something specific we can help you find.


Style #344235
Double green jade rounded
triangle designer chain necklace
with diamond center set in satin
finish 18K yellow gold
Style #355552
Translucent rounded green jade
triangle chain necklace with green
jade & marquise diamond accents
set in 18K white gold
Style #355347
Apple green jade bead pendant
set in 18K yellow gold
with tourmaline tassel
Style #355569
Even apple green jade pendant
set with 18K yellow gold &
vivid apple green jade bead accents
Style #355354
Multi-color jade free form tassel
pendant with satin finish 14K
yellow gold
Style #355361
Green jade 'eggplant' pendant with
vivid green jade tear drops, sapphire
roundels & 18K yellow gold
Style #354081
Rectangular red jade carvied pendant with green jade bead accent,
14K yellow gold
Style #354395
Orange red jade flower pendant
with diamond center,
18K yellow gold
Style #354548
Carved red jade oval bead
chain necklace with green jade
bead accents, 14K yellow gold
Style #354555
Smooth, round green jade bead
chain necklace with green jade
bead accents, 14K yellow gold
Style #353961
Ice jade oval cabochon with slight
green veining in stone & vivid green
jade bead accent set in 18K yellow gold
Style #354135
Ice jade coin drop pendant
with ice & green jade accents
in satin finish 14K yellow gold
Style #356092
Intricate lavender jade rectangular 
carving depicting mountain scene
on adjustable black silky cord necklace
Style #354043
Lavender jade carved pendant,
gourd with bat carving with green jade
bead accent, 18K yellow gold
Style #354524
Seven green jade coin & chain
necklace with ruby roundel accents,
14K yellow gold, 26 inches
Style #354630
Red & green jade 'flip flop' necklace
with red & green jade bead accents
on 14K yellow gold 23 inch chain
Style #354982
Carved green jade oval bead
necklace on adjustable silky cord 
Style #352414
Open carved lavender & green
jade carving with green & lavender
jade bead  tassel on adjustable black silky cord necklace 

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