Why Host a Mason-Kay Jade Trunk Show Event?

May 17, 2022

Does this sound familiar: I don’t know enough about jade to sell it. We don’t have jade customers in our area. We just can’t sell jade. Jade is too complicated to sell. NOT TRUE! WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Yes, you do have jade customers! Yes, you can sell jade! And yes, your jade customers will go to your competitors down the block or online to find it. Get in the Jade Game! Don’t Miss Out on Jade Sales!!! We are here to help!

 Mason-Kay Jade is and has been a family owned and operated business specializing in Natural Jadeite Jade since 1976. In that time, we have earned a reputation for the best untreated jade in the U.S. and superior customer service.

We have also learned from years of experience that our jade jewelry collection is perfect for trunk shows. Trunk shows provide the perfect setting for stores to offer their invited guests something new and fabulous. This can include collections and gemstones they may never have seen in person before!   

Customers that have some knowledge of jade will be thrilled to know their jewelry store DOES have access to Certified, Natural, Jadeite Jade and jade experts. Many savvy jewelry customers have some trepidation about purchasing jade but would feel more confident knowing their store deals in certified jade and from a very reputable company!

Customers that are not as familiar with jade will be amazed and astounded at the incredible display in your store of our colorful and affordable one-of-a-kind jade designs. They will wonder at the truly remarkable array of natural colors.

We handle trunk shows in two ways. The jewelry store can select pieces they would like to see in their store from our Online Jade Showroom. We will make a great effort to send as many pieces selected as we can, or we are happy to make the selection for you. We then can simply send these jade goodies to you on memo for a week or so to accommodate your jade event dates.

If you prefer, we can schedule a trunk show where we still ship the goods directly to the store, but we also send along our sales team, Jordan & Hunter Wentz. If this option is chosen, a guarantee may be requested depending on the travel needed.

Jordan has developed an excellent digital library of helpful information for trunk shows, about Mason-Kay and about Jade.

Here are a few helpful links:

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Why Choose Natural Jade Jewelry with Jeff Mason, G.G.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to scheduling your jade event! Thank you! Kristina Mason

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