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  • Caring For Your Jade Bangle: 3 Tips for Jade Bangle Care

    Posted in About Mason-Kay, Fashions Trends and Style, Jade Information on Jan 08, 2023

    3 Tips For Cleaning Your Natural Jade Bangle Bracelet from Mason-Kay Kay, Jade Excellence Since 1976. Your Jade Family. Your Jade Experts. Only Certified Natural Jade.

  • Jade Loves Love! So Love Your Jade

    Posted in About Mason-Kay, Fashions Trends and Style, Jade Information on Dec 01, 2022

    What is one of the best ways to keep your jade jewelry looking its best? Love it! Jade loves to be loved. Read more...

  • Why Host a Mason-Kay Jade Trunk Show Event?

    Posted in About Mason-Kay, Fashions Trends and Style, Jade Information on May 17, 2022

    Think You Can't Sell Jade? Think You Don't Have Jade Customers? Why Should Your Jewelry Store Host A Mason-Kay Jade Event? Mason-Kay Jade has been known since 1976 as the place for jade. We specialize in certified, natural, Jade jewelry. Our collection is comprised of mostly one-of-a-kind fabulous jade designs in all price ranges that your jade customers would love to see. Offer your customers something special and unique for a once a year JADE EVENT! Trust us, you do have jade customers in your area! Show them you know jade too with a Mason-Kay Jade Event! Call Us Today!

  • What Is Cinderella Jade? What You Need to Know Before Buying A Jade Bangle

    Posted in About Mason-Kay, Fashions Trends and Style, Jade Information, New Jade Designs on Mar 17, 2022

    What do you remember about the story of Cinderella? We all remember the helpful mice and birds, the mean stepsisters and the pumpkin carriage, but in the end, what was the most important part? The Glass Slipper. Whether this glass slipper fit was the most crucial moment in Cinderella’s life and with that perfect fit came happiness. So, it’s really all about that perfect fit. I think this applies to most things in our lives anyway. Your spouse, your job, your shoes must all be the perfect fit, or things don’t tend to end well. Well, your fine jewelry should be in this category, especially your jade jewelry.

  • How To Use the Mason-Kay Online Jade Jewelry Showroom

    Posted in About Mason-Kay, Jade Information on Nov 17, 2021

    The Mason-Kay Online Showroom is an invaluable tool for our jewelry store customers to better assist their jade customers. Search and view through hundreds of natural jade jewelry designs, carvings, statuary and gifts. This easy to follow tutorial will help you navigate this easy to use website.

  • Jade Buyers Beware!

    Posted in Jade Information on Jun 01, 2020

    Be careful when buying jade. There is a great deal of treated jade on the market and it is most often not disclosed.

  • What Is Treated Jade Worth?

    Posted in Jade Information on May 31, 2020

    Does treated jade have any value? Does dyed jade have value? How does one valuate treated jade?

  • Appraising Jadeite Jade by Jeff Mason, G.G.

    Posted in Jade Information on May 31, 2020

    Appraising jadeite jade requires an expert with years of knowledge and experience. We have such an expert at Mason-Kay, Jeff Mason, G.G.

  • Mason-Kay Natural vs.Treated Jade Brochure Translated into Mandarin Chinese

    Posted in Jade Information on Oct 02, 2017

    Mason-Kay Natural vs.Treated Jadeite Jade brochure translated into Mandarin Chinese

    染色翡翠能用标准光谱研究探测。漂白注胶处理的翡翠从1980后在亚洲市场上出现。这种处理方式破坏翡翠的内部结构,使翡翠变得清澈透亮。一些经销商在20倍放大镜下可以观察到类似”蜘蛛网”状的结构, 当然对于此类处理方式下的翡翠而言,定价是非常合理的,这也是现在最常见的翡翠处理方式,称B货。

  • Great Jade Gifts from Mason-Kay

    Posted in Jade Information on Nov 16, 2016

    There are more choices than just jadeite jade jewelry as a jade gift and people love jade. Mason-Kay offers many different jadeite jade gift options from jade purse charms, jade carvings, jade stauary, jade figurine and more.