Why Is Jade Jewelry So Hot

Feb 22, 2011
Heading into this spring/summer season, when it comes to fashion Colorful Jadeite jade drop earringsaccessories including jewelry there are only three words necessary; color, color & color. There are very few if Fine Red & Green Jadeite Jade Drop Earringsany affordable fine jewelry options that offer the range in colors, durability and style that jade jewelry can.

In the January edition of the American Gem Trade Association's (AGTA) EPrism online newsletter the first article substantiates the opinion that it is all about color. "The great thing about color gemstones is that there really is something for everyone, a smorgasbord of options to create your perfect red carpet style!"

Recently in Vogue magazine there was an article entitled "The Green Movement". In it the author is astounded by the fact that the color and hues of jade and jade jewelry are everywhere. "It's not just you - jade is everywhere... As a trend it has been growing quietly, like forest lichen, which is often jade-colored."

"This year, green is another essential shade...green has really become somewhat of a neutral, so you’ll likely to able to wear it with a lot of different things in your wardrobe” says Jane Taylor from the 2011 AGTA Color Forecast. The green jadeite jade pendant show to the left exemplifies some of these green hues that work so well with other pieces of jewelry as well as everyday and evening wear. One can wear this pendant on a long chain and incorporate it in a layered look, or on a shorter chain on its own to lay just above the cleavage.
Multi-colored Jadeite Jade Disc Necklace
Carved Green Jadeite Jade Dragon PendantThe necklace shown above and to the right is a perfect example of why jadeite jade jewelry has become so hot. This necklace showcases 15 jadeite jade discs strung together with dark green silk cord and red jade bead accents. This is fine jewelry with extraordinary colors, but no outrageous price. There is no gold to elevate the cost, only a unique design that will enhance any outfit for any occasion.

Mason-Kay's award-winning jade design team has been working tirelessly to develop and create more fine jade jewelry pieces that are ideal for the red carpet, but also for everyday wear. Jade truly has it all; it is durable enough to wear everyday, fine enough to be coveted as the stone of emperors, and colorful enough to inspire our fashion senses.
Solid Green Jadeite Jade Ring
Green Jadeite Jade Butterfly necklace

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