Great Jade Gifts from Mason-Kay

Nov 16, 2016

People are mystified and enchanted by jade. It is exotic, rare and a wonderful gift option. Jade jewelry is not the only jade gift available. For over 40 years, Mason-Kay has specialized in natural, jadeite jade. We are renowned worldwide for our extensive collection of loose jade and jade jewelry. However, we also have some wonderful and unique pieces that are perfect gifts.

The Chinese people have revered jadeite jade for hundreds of years. In fact, it is not only desirable to adorn one's self in jade, but even one's phone case with jade. Phone cases in China even have a special loop for charms. We have many jade charms especially designed to hang on phone cases, purses, belts, keys, and almost anything. I have a green jade turtle on my keys. I just love turtles. Some of our customers love these jade charms so much they want to show off the beauty of their piece by hanging them from the finial of a lamp, so the charm hangs down on the lampshade revealing the vivid color and translucency of the jade.

Some of our jade charms feature jade carvings with symbolic meaning. Symbolism is a crucial element of Chinese culture. It is not difficult to find a personal, symbolic connection with one of our many jade carvings. The symbolism aspect immediately makes a simple gift unusual and personal. There is a Chinese Zodiac symbol for everyone in this twelve year zodiac cycle. Show on the left (Style #291577) is a beautiful jade charm featuring a carved, light, green jade rabbit at the bottom with a small, carved, green jade rabbit and green jade bead as accents. The rabbit is the fourth symbol in the Chinese Zodiac and is a symbol of longevity (click here to find your Zodiac sign and learn more about the rabbit). To the right (Style #291591) is a
charm that features a carved snake with jade bead accents. The snake is the sixth sign in the Chinese Zodiac and symbolizes evil and slyness, but is celebrated for its supernatural powers.

The endless knot design is one of my favorites. In jade carvings, it symbolizes infinity or eternity, and is therefore known as the 'lover's knot'. Read more about this beautiful and important Buddhist symbol that is also refered to as the 'wheel of life'. I love this design for its simplicity, beauty and symmetry. This beautifully carved, translucent, yellow, jadeite jade endless knot shown to the left (Style #318601) is the centerpiece of this lovely charm with black jade, yellow and ice jadeite jade accents and tassel.

Shown to the right (Style #291584) is a carved green jade Buddha charm. Of course the Buddha is important to those that follow the religion, but the symbol of Buddha also represents a total enlightenment of self which we can all relate to. I love his smile. This carving is smooth, weighty and wonderful to hold.

We have many jade gifts besides jade charms. Look for future posts about our jade statuary and jade figurines. Please let us know if you have any questions, or are looking for anything specific. Thank you, Kristina Mason

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