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  • Fall 2019 New Jade Bangle & Bracelet Designs

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Nov 01, 2019

    Just a few of our new natural jade bangle and jade bracelet designs for fall 2019. We have traditional, one-piece jade bangles as well as those that open with a hinge and clasp. We have a large variety of bracelets styles in all jade colors and price ranges.

  • Fall 2019 New Jade Ring Designs

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Nov 01, 2019

    New Classic and Designer Jade Ring Styles for Fall 2019. So many new and beautiful natural jadeite jade ring designs. All our jade pieces include a Certificate of Authenticity. 

  • Schedule Your Jade Jewelry Trunk Show or Round Table Event Today!

    Posted in About Mason-Kay on Jun 20, 2019

    Our natural jade jewelry line is perfect for Trunk Shows and Round Table Events. Expose your customers to a new, unique and beautiful jewelry line. A perfect addition for your next in-store jewelry event!

  • The Jade Pendant Movie & Jade Disc Symbolism

    Posted in About Mason-Kay on Aug 30, 2018

    The Jade Pendant film is based on the novel by L.P. Leung. The story is set in 1871 Los Angeles where a young woman has fled China to avoid an arranged marriage. The jade disc pendant worn by the main character 'Peony', played by Clara Lee, was given to her by her grandmother for luck. The jade disc has long been a symbol of heaven and eternal life. Jade in general is said to bring you luck and protect you from evil. Mason-Kay is proud to have been a part of this project and provide this beautiful, natural jadeite jade disc pendant for the film.

  • New Spring 2018 Jade Bracelet & Jade Bangle Bracelet Designs from Mason-Kay Jade

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Apr 24, 2018

    Jade bangles are one fo the most popular and iconic jade designs. A solid jade circle to wear on your wrist that is as unique as you are. We try to maintain a wide selection of jade bangles at all times. However, not everyone loves wearing a bangle. So, we have an amazing selection of jade bracelets to choose from as well.

  • New Spring 2018 Jade Pendant & Necklace Designs from Mason-Kay Jade

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Mar 16, 2018

    Fresh, new, natural jadeite jade pendant and necklace designs by Mason-Kay Jade. Many of these pieces make their debut in our Spring 2018 Designer and Classic Jade Collections.

  • New Spring 2018 Jade Ring Designs from Mason-Kay Jade

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Mar 13, 2018

    Just a taste of our new spring jade ring designs. Many of these rings are from our Designer Jade Collection and Classic Jade Collection. All Mason-Kay Jade is guaranteed natural jadeite jade.

  • New Spring 2018 Jade Earring Designs from Mason-Kay Jade

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Feb 25, 2018

    Here are a few of our new jade earrings designs from both the Classic and Designer Jade Collections from Mason-Kay Jade

  • New Fall 2017 Designer Jade Jewelry Styles

    Posted in New Jade Designs on Oct 10, 2017

    Sixteen beautiful, new jade jewelry designs for Fall 2017 from the Mason-Kay Designer Jade Collection. This collection encompasses

  • Mason-Kay Natural vs.Treated Jade Brochure Translated into Mandarin Chinese

    Posted in Jade Information on Oct 02, 2017

    Mason-Kay Natural vs.Treated Jadeite Jade brochure translated into Mandarin Chinese

    染色翡翠能用标准光谱研究探测。漂白注胶处理的翡翠从1980后在亚洲市场上出现。这种处理方式破坏翡翠的内部结构,使翡翠变得清澈透亮。一些经销商在20倍放大镜下可以观察到类似”蜘蛛网”状的结构, 当然对于此类处理方式下的翡翠而言,定价是非常合理的,这也是现在最常见的翡翠处理方式,称B货。